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Human B-raf Gene Mutation Detection Kit

Human B-raf Gene Mutation Detection Kit

Real Time PCR


BRAF gene plays an important role in signal transduction involving cell proliferation, by regulating various kinds of cell physiological activities, such as growth, division , death and so on.BRAF gene is the second transmitter in the EGFR signaling pathway. When BRAF gene mutations occurs, the signal pathway will be permanently auto-activated, resulting in excessive cell proliferation and differentiation, thus, which may lead to EGFR-TKI drug ineffectiveness. Mutations of BRAF occurred in many cancers such as malignant melanoma, colorectal cancer, lung cancer, thyroid cancer, liver cancer, pancreatic cancer and so on.Clinical Practice Guideline for colorectal cancer (NCCN) (2016 V2 Edition) suggested that the status of KRAS should be detected while using the targeted drugs such as Cetuximab and Panitumumab. If there is no mutation in KRAS, a further detection of BRAF gene status should be considered.

Detection Item

Detected GeneOncologyMutation TypeTarget DrugMedication
B-raf V600NSCLCMutation Type







Recommended to detect

EGFR gene mutation

Colorectal CancerMutation Type



Wild Type

Recommended to detect

KRS gene mutation.

Performance Parameter

Product NameCore TechnologyProduct SpecificationMatched InstrumentSample Type

Human B-raf Gene

Mutations Detection


PAP-ARMS®10 tests/kit


ABI7500 etc.

tumor tissue Slice,


pleural effusion

Detection Significace

● Detection of B-raf gene status can help monitor the drug efficacy/resistance, thus, help select suitable target treatment.

Applicable People

● A detection of B-raf gene status can be used to select targeted drugs (such as Vemurafenib) for patients

with some kinds of tumor (such as melanoma) before starting the targeted treatments.

●A detection of B-raf gene status can be used to predict drug resistance before taking EGFR-TKI drugs.

Product Highlight

Stable and Reliable: Closed tube detection, avoid contamination.

High Sensitivity: The detection can reach as low as 1% in 10 ng DNA.

Easy Operation: One step operation, only 90 minutes to finish the detection.

Good Reproducibility: Can be performed in the general PCR Labs. Results with good reproducibility can be easily obtained without special training.

Advanced Technology: R&D based on independent patented PAP-ARMS technology.

Detection Process