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Human MGMT Gene Methylation Detection Kit

Human MGMT Gene Methylation Detection Kit

(RealTime PCR)


Chemotherapy and Personalized Treatment

The methylated-DNA-protein cysteinemethyltransferase (called MGMT protein), is a DNA repair enzyme that isinvolved in cellular defense against the biological effects ofO6-methylguaine(O6-MeG) and O4-methylethymine (O4-MeT) in DNA. Repairs the methylatednucleobase in NDA by transferring the methyl group to a cysteine residue in theenzyme. The increased expression of MGMT is considered to be associated withdrug resistance.


Due to its repair against alkylatingagent lesions, MGMT plays an important role in tumor chemotherapy. First, itcan protect the normal tissues from the alkylating agent lesions and preventtumor recurrence. Second, it is highly related to drug resistance. Therefore,the detection of MGMT express levels can be used to predict drug resistance,assess the efficacy of chemotherapy and help the patients avoid side effects.


Guidelines for Detection Technologyof Tumor Individualized Therapy states that only patientswith silenced MGMTharbouring methylation at promoter can benefit from temozolomide treatment.Patients with increased methylation of the MGMT gene will be more sensitive totemozolomide treatment.


Product NameCore TechnologyProduct SpecificationMatched InstrumentSample Type

Human MGMT 

Gene Methylation 

Detection Kit

PAP-ARMS®24 tests/kit




tumor tissue

Detection Significance

•  Predict the drug efficacy of temozolomide.

•  Assist clinicians to selectsuitable treatments.

•  MGMT methylation suggests a goodprognosis.

Applicable People

• This kit is applicable for the patientswith glioblastoma who will be treated with chemotherapy.

• The detection of MGMT methylation can beused to predict the efficacy of temozolomide or other chemotherapeutictreatments, thus, help the clinicians to select suitable treatments.

Product Highlights 

Accuracy and Reliability: Detection with closed tubes. Require nospecial treatment of the products.

Easy operation:  One step operation, only 90 minutes tofinish the detection.

Good Reproducibility: Can be performed in the general PCRLabs. Results with good reproducibility can be easily obtained without specialtraining.

Advanced Technology: R&D based on independent patentedPAP-ARMS® technology.

Detection Process