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Human PAX1 Gene Methylation Detection Kit

For Research Use Only

PAX1 gene methylation associated with cervical cancer

Abnormal methylation of PAX1 gene can reflect the pathological process of cervical cancer and precancerous lesions of different stages. It is closely related to the occurrence and progression of cervical cancer;The detection of precancerous lesions or cervical cancer can be early than conventional thinprep cytologic test. (TCT).PAX1 gene methylation detection combined with HPV andTCT detection will help increasing the detection rate of cervical cancer.

Cervical Cancer Related Screening Technology

MethodologyTechnical DesignTechnical Characteristics
Traditional cervical smear

( Pap Smear)

Scrape the epithelial cells in the cervix with a 

scraper, apply evenly on the glassslide, fix and 


Due to human factors in the acquisition, 

production, and reading, the results are limited. This method has gradually been eliminated.

Human papillomavirus (HPV) 


The obtained exfoliated cells from cervical 

secretions are collected and immersedin liquid cell processing reagents, and then exfoliated cell slices are made.After staining, the cell morphology of the cervix can be checked by manual observation and analysis to diagnose cervical cancer and its  

precancerous changes.

The diagnosis rate of atypical squamous cell 

smearis not high.

Easy sampling. Production technology needs to be broken.Need manual observation and 

analysis of cell morphology. Easy to be 

interfered by human factors.

The diagnosis rate of atypical squamous cell 

smearis not high, often unable to detect 

cervical cancer.

PAX1 methylation detection

Detect cervical smear samples for the high-level 

sensitivity and specifyof PAX1 gene Methylation.

Accurate screening at the individual genetic 

level,safe and reliable. Large throughput, high 

sensitivity, strong specificity. The operation is 

automatic and repeatable.

Detection Design of PAX1 Methylation 

This kit uses fluorescent PCR amplification technology to qualitatively detect the methylation of PAX1 gene specific sites in DNA samples.Combines with HPV and TCT testing to provide a reference for accurate cervical cancer screening.

MethodologyPatented Technology PAP-ARMS®
For People

Cervical cancer screening or regular assessment.

 HPV positive carrier.

 Patients with abnormal cervical smear test.

● Cervical spine incision, cervical surgery, patient monitoring .

after radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

People with  abnormal thinprep cytologic test  (TCT).

 People with unexplained vaginal bleeding.

Technological Breakthrough

New  biomarkers of cervical cancer.

High specificity and sensitivity.

The operation is automatic, simple ,fast, and with good 


 Independent screening,safe and reliable.

Performance Parameter

Product NameCore TechnologySpecificationsMatched Instruments



Human PAX1 Gene 

Methylation Detection Kit

PAP-ARMS®24 tests/kit

Stratagene Mx3000P™

ABI7500 etc.
cervical scraping

Detection Process