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Human MLH1 gene methylation detection kit(Real Time PCR)


The protein encoded by the MLH1 gene is involved in DNA mismatch repair.The methylation of the MLH1 promoter is commonly found in sporadicmicrosatellite instability tumors including colorectal cancer and endometrialcancer, which is related to the loss of MLH1 protein expression. Methylationof the MLH1 gene promoter is rarely found in Lynch syndrome (hereditarynon-polyposis colorectal cancer, HNPCC). Therefore, MLH1 gene methylationanalysis can be used to distinguish sporadic and hereditary colorectal cancerand endometrial cancer in highly unstable microsatellite tumors. In endometrialcancer, MLH1 gene methylation is highly aggressive and need to be treatedpositively.

  colorectalcancer screening    

Endometrial cancerscreening

2.Detection Item

MLH1 gene methylation

3. Performance Parameter  

Product Name

Core Technology

Product Specification

Compatible  Instruments

Sample Type

Human MLH1 gene methylation  detection kit


24 test/kit

Stratagene Mx3000P™, ABI7500,

ABI7300Plus, SLAN-96P/SLAN-48P

Tumor Tissueincluding paraffin  sections

4.  DetectionSignificance /Applicable People  


Detection Significance

  Geneticrisk warning:The MLHI gene methylation detection has a suggestive effect on the familyheredity of the tumor. If the MMR function is missing due to the methylation ofthe MLH1 gene, the family heritability is not high, otherwise it may besuspected of family hereditary Lynch syndrome. As the risk of cancer isincreased, further germline sequencing analysis and genetic counseling arerecommended.

Cancerclassification and treatment guidance: If MLH1 is methylated, the expression of MMR protein in the cancertissue is lost, which indicates that it is a sporadic cancer. If this happensin colorectal cancer and endometrial cancer often indicate a poor prognosis andactive treatment is recommended.


Applicable people: patients with colorectalcancer and endometrial cancer.

5.     Detection Results

Detection Item

Detection Results

Result Analysis

Human MLH1 gene methylation  detection kit


The positive  methylation of the MLH1 gene promoter region indicates that the loss of MLH1  gene expression is due to epigenetic modification rather than genetic  mutation, which suggest a lower possibility of Lynch syndrome. It is  recommended to combine clinical information and family history for  comprehensive analysis.

6.     Product Advantage

Strongspecificity:Closed tube detection, avoid contamination.

High sensitivity: The detection can reach as low as 1% in 10 ng DNA.

Easyoperations: Onestep operation, only 90 minutes to finish the detection.

Good reproducibility: Can be performed in the general PCR Labs. Results with goodreproducibility can be easily obtained without special training.

Advanced technologies: R&D based on independent patented PAP-ARMS technology.

7.     Detection Process